Reimagine finance for the digital age with SAP S/4 HANA Finance.

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The finance processes and technology platforms that have been utilized in the last 20 years are simply not agile enough for the digital economy. In the current connected world, new business models are limited by disconnected processes and legacy technologies, and enterprises can no longer wait until the end of the month to see results, or for the annual budget cycle to make investment decisions. 

SAP S/4 HANA Finance simplifies the core of finance through a single source of the truth. All transactional and planning data is stored one time only, in one place only – the universal journal – so there is no more reconciliation, no more replication, no more aggregation. Instead, the SAP HANA platform provides a single source of the truth, which allows for a whole new level of visibility and operational efficiency across finance and the enterprise. The power of in-memory allows finance to perform at the speed of digital, that is, real time – with no more batch jobs, no more rigid system hierarchies, no more waiting for IT to deliver your reports. 

Benefits of SAP S/4 HANA Finance


  • Stay agile and innovative, with little distribution to business

  • Gain a competitive advantage with an acceleration path to finance and digital transformation

  • Save time and cost with fewer resources required

  • Shorten time to value compared to a full-scale upgrade


  • Create a single source of truth for planning and reporting

  • Profit from real-time reporting, advance analytics, and reliable forecasting

  • Eliminates many traditional, inefficient reconciliation needs & enable real-time soft close at anytime

  • Step up into a more influential role with more time to deliver analytical and strategic insights to the business

Information Technology

  • Consolidate existing SAP and non-SAP ERP systems

  • Adopt new innovations and adapt to changing circumstances more quickly and flexibly

  • Roll out new capabilities incrementally according to the actual needs

  • Avoid disputation to running systems to real-time data replication and gain instant insight at any time

Finance Capabilities

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