SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Automate, simplify and centralize yours procure-to-pay process flow

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The SAP Supplier Relationship Management application automate, simplify, and centralize yours procure-to-pay process flow.

The SAP Supplier Relationship Management application automate, simplify, and centralize yours procure-to-pay process flow. SAP Supplier Relationship Management supports the full e-procurement cycle, from source and purchase-to-pay to spend and supplier performance management. It can help you streamline operations, enforce compliance with contracts and purchasing policies, and improve overall spend management. The procure-to-pay best practices that can help reduce procurement costs by enabling supplier communications, streamlining operations, and improving cost management.

Why SAP Supplier Relationship Management?

  • Streamline and standardize the purchase of goods and services

  • Shrink procurement costs by closing the loop from source to pay

  • Automate operational processes to increase efficiencies and avoid maverick buying

  • Drive user adoption with consumer-grade shopping interfaces

  • Gain greater visibility into supplier relationships and performance

  • Accelerate procurement processing and cycle times

Functional Capabilities

  • Procure-to-Pay Optimization: Enforce procure-to-pay best practices that streamline operations, facilitate supplier communications, and improve overall cost management.

  • Catalog Management: Give suppliers an easy way to manage catalog data – and integrate the data into your business processes through Ariba Procurement Content.

  • Self-Service Procurement: Help end users find and purchase policy-compliant products and services. Let them search across multiple catalogs using a familiar, consumer-like shopping cart experience.

  • Plan-Driven Procurement: Source external demands from planning, project, and plant maintenance systems. Purchase direct materials and goods for maintenance, repair, and operations using local pricing and terms.

  • Services Procurement for Large, Complex Services: Manage resources and monitor costs for time- and deliverable-based service categories throughout the requisition, sourcing, contracting, ordering, confirmation, and invoicing processes.

  • Operational and Centralized Sourcing: Gain visibility into organization-wide demands – and take advantage of automated, integrated sourcing processes.

  • Centralized Contract Management: Monitor and access contracts in a secure, centralized repository – to reduce maverick buying, drive spend with preferred suppliers, and leverage your global buying power.

  • Operational Reporting: Use out-of-the box reports to monitor purchasing activities, measure contract compliance, and gain insights into organization-wide spending and sourcing.

Technical Capabilities

  • SAP Supplier Relationship Management: Server Based on SAP NetWeaver Application Server, SAP SRM is an application and database installation that is released on several database and operating system platforms.

  • SAP Bidding Engine: Purchasers can use SAP Bidding Engine to create and process requests for quotations – and bidders can use it to submit bids in response to these requests.

  • Online Transaction Processing System: Easily exchange data between the SAP Supplier Relationship Management system and a connected online transaction processing system (OLTP).

  • SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence: Harness a solid infrastructure for data warehousing, analytics, and Web-based reporting. Analyze and broadcast BI content via open analysis interfaces and a Web Design Application Programming Interface (API).

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal: Access your applications, services, and organizational information from one entry point – or use SAP SRM in NetWeaver Business Cl

  • Predefined and extensible Virtual Data Models

  • SAP Smart Business cockpit applications

  • Workforce Mobility: Use SAP Fiori for procurement to give your workforce a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones – throughout the full procure-to-pay lifecycle.

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